1992 "CENTENNIAL" base:  This design began in 1992 in anticipation of the state's centennial in 1996.  The famous arch in Arches National Park is featured in the design with "1896 CENTENNIAL 1996" across the bottom of the plate.  The original design had a white "UTAH" bordered in blue and required an extra fee.  Shortly after it began, the state name became a solid blue for better visibility and in 1997 the state dropped the extra fee and made the plate an equal alternative to the skier plate.  The design used the same "000 AAA" plate format, but started with the "ZAA" block and advanced to "ZZZ".  The format continued backwards with "YAA" to "YZZ" blocks next and so on.  Like the "Ski Utah!" plate, starting with the "92" expiration stickers, a three-sticker format was used: county code sticker, expiration month sticker, and expiration year sticker (see Utah county codes page.)  Again like the skier plate, starting with the 2003 expiration stickers, the state discontinued the county code stickers.

2008 (blue/reflective multicolored) natural exc $7.00 "451 UUK" (11231)

2008 (blue/reflective multicolored) natural vg $7.00 "832 UPG" (10427)



2007 "LIFE ELEVATED" arch base:  Utah modified both the skier and the arch plates in late 2007, both using the state's new "LIFE ELEVATED" slogan.  Like the centennial design above, the famous arch in Arches National Park is featured.  Both of the "LIFE ELEVATED" designs use a new "A00 0AA" format with the skier starting with "A" and going forwards and the arch starting at "Z" and going backwards.  The plate number progression advances the numbers to "999" before advancing the letters.  For example "Z99 9AA" is followed by "Z00 0AB".

2009 (blue/reflective multicolored) natural vg $7.00 "Z32 5CV" (12527)

2009 (blue/reflective multicolored) natural g $5.00 "Z66 2GU" (11249)

2009 (blue/reflective multicolored) natural g $5.00 "Z11 1WE" (11285)

2011 (blue/reflective multicolored) natural vg $7.00 "Z72 7SY" (11181)

2011 (blue/reflective multicolored) vg $7.00 "Z91 9RM" (11183)

2011 (blue/reflective multicolored) natural g $5.00 "Z79 1VJ" (11303)

2011 (blue/reflective multicolored) g $5.00 "Z02 4PV" (11330)

2012 (blue/reflective multicolored) natural m $8.00 "Y08 1GK" (11350)

2012 (blue/reflective multicolored) natural vg $7.00 "Z06 1WB" (11395)

2012 (blue/reflective multicolored) natural vg $7.00 "Y23 7DM" (11400)

2012 (blue/reflective multicolored) natural vg $7.00 "Y51 2AM" (11223)

2012 (blue/reflective multicolored) g $5.00 "Y46 0AM" (11422)




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